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Therapeutic Massage
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Thai Foot Massage
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Thermo Auricular Therapy

Therapeutic massages are designed to ease muscle and tissue tension, and usually take the form of both mild and deep tissue manipulations.

Thai foot massage originated in China over 5000 years ago. Over the millennia many disciplines have been developed in Japan, India, Korea and other eastern countries.

For many civilisations, treatments using the ear were common, notably in Asia and the Siberian prairies. Eventually this practise travelled to the Americas, notably the Pueblo people, with a spirituality and medicinal use of candles.

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Hot Stone Therapy
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Ayurvedic Massage
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Creams and Gels

Heat has been associated for a long time with comfort and relaxation, however heat therapy is able to provide not only pain relief but also healing benefits for many types of musculoskeletal injury and pain.

Although it can be taken as a separate part of the process, it can also be used as a preliminary to looking at Ayurveda as a lifestyle for the future. By experiencing the massage process it is possible to understand exactly what the body requires of us.

Our Creams and Gels can be applied directly on the skin, and normally twice daily. However, for an acute condition, a small amount four to six times a day may be used.

All of our treatments and products can be paid for using PayPal.

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