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What follows ayurvedic massage?

Often once this massage has been experienced, the next stage for many clients is to move to a deeper level of self and therefore follow the natural path into tantrism. Touch is essential for both our physical and psychological health. As a child we loved to have cuddles and caresses from someone who loved us. Similarly as adults we value contact and this form of massage can be given with someone in an unconditional manner where nothing is demanded or expected in return.

The ancient Indian art of tantrism allows for two people to connect, to share and explore elements of the personality. In the case of my clinic, it is aimed purely at the clients exploring themselves. By being involved in it deeply, the treatment relieves stress by progressive relaxation, reduces the heart rate and allows the participant to find an inner peace.

Not to be confused with tantric sex, this massage aims to bring an awareness of sensuality. Sensual energy refers to the experience arising from our senses; from smell, touch, taste and sound. Sensuality is a whole body experience and so fits in well with the holistic massages given in ayurveda. As the senses are “in the moment” it is possible for the client and therapist to be wholly connected, without there being any feeling of “relationship”. Although the genital area is involved, the main aim of the treatment is for the client to achieve deep awareness of his or her inner being. Our sensuality is what makes us who we are. Orgasm is not the main goal, although the client who engages fully with the massage will normally reach this plateau.

With a female client, the therapist gradually involves the yoni bringing a higher level of awareness of sensuality. This involves caressing with various speeds and levels of pressure. Yoni loosely translates as “Sacred Space” or “Sacred Temple” and situated within is the “Sacred Spot”. If it is the client’s wish, this heightened euphoria may be maintained for several orgasms.

With a male client, the lingham is massaged. It is possible for the male to achieve orgasm without ejaculation and this feeling can remain at a high level for some time, allowing the male to experience a feeling similar to multiple orgasms in a female.

Once this feeling of euphoria is achieved the therapist gradually brings the client back to a place of total relaxation and peace. Occasionally a feeling of elation will return a few hours after the treatment, and this can lead to another orgasmic experience.

It is recommended that the client should feel at ease to participate in whatever he or she feels during the treatment as this will only help to enhance the whole nature of the experience. Nothing will embarrass or disturb the therapist and in many cases where the client involves himself or herself there is a mutual respect of the nature of the sensuality.
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