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Ayurvedic Massage

Although it can be taken as a separate part of the process, it can also be used as a preliminary to looking at Ayurveda as a lifestyle for the future. By experiencing the massage process it is possible to understand exactly what the body requires of us.

From this point we are able to continue to take a look at how we intend to live in the future to allow ourselves to give the best we can to not only ourselves but also to others.

As ayurveda looks at mind, body and spirit as a single entity, it is noted that all aspects of our personality and sensuality can be explored, while in no way feeling it as a ‘sexual’ experience. It has been said that the ayurvedic massage is “Spirituality through Sensuality”. This is not to confuse religion and spirituality as being one and the same. Religion is usually passed to us by family life, or developed by our own searching. Find out more about the history of ayurveda here.

Spirituality, on the other hand, is based on atoms. We are all vibrating atoms in space and time and feel each other through vibration, which connects us to each other and the universe. To feel at one and love with an open fearless heart is spirituality, whether it’s with the universe, another person or even yourself. It is our essence of being human beings. Our spirituality is what makes us who we are.

Self love is one of the most important conditions we have, as it is necessary to give ourselves that which we crave, in order to free us to be able to give to others. Love of self is not a selfish act; it is a necessity and should be embraced at all times.

You owe it to yourself. Give yourself the treat you deserve, and feel free to explore your inner self.

Preparing for an Ayurvedic Massage
The person coming for an ayurvedic massage does not have to be in a state of mind that he/she wishes to experience the possibility of a complete change in future living habits. It can be used as an experience which can be illuminating and open possibilities of a more fulfilled life with partners and friends.
As the massage involves a long stroke from head to feet, and uses much oil, most clients prefer not to be covered in the usual way of massage. It should be noted that some of the oils do stain clothing and therefore choice of what to wear should be considered. Although it may seem strange to some of us with our Western attitudes, this is quite normal in Eastern philosophies and there is no embarrassment regarding the human body. Obviously, the clients feelings are first and foremost and discussion regarding this will always be taken.

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"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell."

The forms of Massage

abhyanga snanam
This is a light, herbal, medicated oil massage applied to the entire head, face, front and back of the body. Marma points will be stimulated through specific Ayurvedic soft tissue techniques that may involve passive mobilisation of specific joints. The treatment aims to loosen the body and toxins held within the tissues. It should be noted that this treatment includes oiling the hair and clients should wear some form of head covering after the treatment to avoid chilling the head. All parts of the body are massaged and clients who are uneasy regarding this should discuss it before treatment commences.

This treatment can be given as a full body, or a half body, that is back and arms or legs and feet.
A beneficial massage of the scalp using oils which feed the follicles and increase health to the hair. Helping to bring balance to the mind this is a good introduction to ayurveda.
Note that this is the first half-hour treatment of abhyanga snanam.
Working on the face, neck and head this massage is a remedial therapy where firm pressure lifts muscles leaving a youthful glow by energising marma points to increase energy flow and is beneficial to problem lines. This treatment uses oil that can be limited in the hair if wished. It is a seated massage where the client remains fully clothed apart from shoulders.
Massage of the feet and lower legs involving deep pressure on the marma points on the sole of the foot. Good after a flight for relaxation and also beneficial to pregnant women or those who stand all day.
pinda sweda
A pummelling massage using a herbal compress (bolus) which nourishes, strengthens and rejuvinates. Especially beneficial to sports enthusiasts it addresses problems relating to weak joints and sore muscles.
A constant steam of warm oil is poured onto the third eye, relaxing the mind and helping treat anxious clients or those who suffer from insomnia. Note that 500ml of oil is used in this process which results in the hair being completely covered in oil, so some form of headwear is required when leaving the treatment room.
A detox treatment where blended herbs are rubbed all over the body to draw out impurities and reduce water retention. It also exfoliates leaving a lovely glow to the skin surface.

Often once this massage has been experienced, the next stage for many clients is to move to a deeper level of self and therefore follow the natural path into a tantric massage.

More information about this can be found by clicking here.

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