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Norman Young DTM, MSHP, LCSP(Phys)

Having been involved in theatre for 35 years, Norman trained in massage in order to help artistes, especially dancers, who often had to continue to work through their injuries. Realising that there was more to massage than just manipulation, he further trained in holistic therapies, and continues to add to his disciplines with CPD. Now he is mainly involved in the Eastern disciplines, in particular ayurveda.

Having also practised at the Jan de Vries clinic in Glasgow, Norman moved to Iona for family reasons in 2004. Heavily aligned to Buddhism, he has been called a bhodisattva and feels that the form of ayurveda he prefers is Tibetan. This is one of the oldest medical traditions and, being holistic, focuses on treating the cause of the problem and not just the effect. It is based on the premise that we are all made up of three humours -–wind, bile and phlegm – whereas the Indian form looks at vita, pitta and kapha.

Norman also studied phytotherapy and uses the range of herbal treatments produced by A. Vogel. He travels to South Africa and there he would be known as an “inyanga”, a practitioner of herbal medicine, known as muti, unlike the “sangoma” who use spiritual and mediumship healing. It is with this tradition in mind that he formulates his own preparations and these are available as MITTS Creams and Gels.

Traditional Tibetan Medicine – Using a variety of diagnostic tests such as pulse reading, urine, tongue and eye analysis, the practitioner will prescribe a variet of concotions to relieve the body. These elements will be compressed into a tablet form and are usually pounded back into a powder before taking with water. Massage to accompany the treatment will include, acupuncture, moxibustion, inhalation therapy and, as practised in this clinic, gentle full body sweeping using blended oils to suit the dosha being balanced.

Norman Young is a Member of The Society of Holistic Practitioners; The Register of the London and Counties Society of Physiologists. He holds an Enhanced Certificate from Disclosure Scotland (SCRO).

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